Sightings of 'Snake-Shaped UFOs' Trigger Wild Theories of Links to Area 51, US 'Space Force'

While some observers suggested that the objects in the skies above could have been drones or kites of some sort, a veteran conspiracy theorist believes the explanation is not that simple.

Citizens across the US have witnessed several weird unidentified snake-shaped flying objects in the skies over the country. The author of the YouTube channel "Crazy Cody's Creatures" has posted a video featuring a snake-like UFO glowing in the California night sky, above the Mojave Desert, located not far away from the notorious Area 51 – a military base, where, as various conspiracy theorists claim, the US government allegedly experiments with alien technologies.

Famous UFO theorist Blake Cousins, author of the "thirdphaseofmoon" YouTube channel, believes it's no coincidence. In an interview with the Daily Star website he claims that the objects seen by Cody and other US residents in recent days could be aircraft constructed by the US military allegedly based on UFOs found in the past.

"Absolutely, reverse-engineered in my opinion. When you look at the plasmic display on some of these things, possible it is reverse-engineered", he said.

Cousins further saw the hand of the Space Force in the sightings, although the newest branch of US military, devoted to operations in space, has yet to be officially created and was only announced by President Donald Trump last year.

"It could be the Space Force. I 100% believe the Space Force was implemented decades ago and some of these things we’re seeing in the sky are that. Space Force has this aircraft in their possession and we’re starting to see it", he added.

Cody Kennedy, the author of the glowing UFO video, suggested that the sighting could be just a kite or a drone, but admitted that it acted too strangely to be either of them.

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