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Salvini's Alliance of European Parties Strong, May Grow After Elections - AfD

© AFP 2021 / TIZIANA FABI Italian Northern League (Lega Nord) party leader Matteo Salvini speaks during a rally against the Italian government's policy
Italian Northern League (Lega Nord) party leader Matteo Salvini speaks during a rally against the Italian government's policy - Sputnik International
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The alliance of right-wing parties that Italian Deputy PM and leader of the Lega party, Matteo Salvini, has built ahead of the European parliamentary election is rather strong despite different views on some issues and is set to increase weeks after the election, the co-leader of the AfD party, Joerg Meuthen, said.

On Saturday, Salvini organized a rally in Milan under "Italy First! Toward a Europe of Common Sense" slogan. He has built a pan-European bloc of right-wing parties ahead of the elections to the European Parliament, in which his party is projected to make some of the most striking gains. The demonstration was joined by 11 right-wing European parties' representatives, including Meuthen, French National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen and the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders.

"If you are building an alliance, in some political topics different positions are normal. Concerning Russia, I am quite sure that we have a majority, which is clearly in favour of having a good relationship and friendship with Russia," Meuthen said.

Leader of The League party Matteo Salvini talks during an electoral rally in Milan, Italy, Friday, March 2, 2018 - Sputnik International
Salvini Vows to Present 'Bill of Rights' of European Peoples After EU Election
The politician noted that he expected the alliance to grow further.

"I expect the growth of our alliance. I cannot say which parties will join, we will see that after the election, I am quite sure. Next week everybody is busy with their campaigns, but in two weeks after the elections we will see how many European parties there will be [in the alliance]," he said.

The most obvious candidate for joining the alliance is Hungarian Prime Minister and leader of Fidesz party Viktor Orban, he noted.

"I would appreciate Orban's participation a lot, but it's his decision. If he wants, he is welcome by all of us. But in the current situation he prefers to stay in the EPP [European People's Party]. I don't think it will be a long time until he takes another decision, because it does not really work, the EPP," Meuthen said.

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Another possible ally is Nigel Farage and his Brexit party, AfD co-leader said.

"I hope he [Farage] will join this group as well. I know him quite well, often talked about it. He has the same position that we must fight together for a strong and one right-wing group. So if that is his honest position, it would be a natural reaction to join our group. We will see," he said.

If the EPP still has a majority after this election, it won't be a strong majority, he noted.

"They are in trouble, we are not. We are rising, they are declining," Meuthen explained.

Italian Interior Minister and right-wing League leader Matteo Salvini, gestures as he arrives for a lunch at an hotel in Milan, Italy, Monday, July 2, 2018. The leader of the right-wing party in Italy's populist government told tens of thousands of supporters Sunday he wants to turn next year's European Parliament election into a referendum on immigration and job security - Sputnik International
Italian Journo Outlines Reasons Behind Salvini's Rise as EU's Right-Wing Leader
He also commented on the slogan of the Saturday rally and of the alliance in general, which is "Toward a Europe of Common Sense."

"In the European parliament there are so many decisions and speeches that have nothing to do with the common sense. For example, gender policy. It's completely mad what is going on there. It's completely not within the common sense. We just want to give it back to people. Do they really need gender speech to change their languages?" Meuthen said.

From May 23-26, the European Union will hold elections to its parliament. The new composition of the European Commission and its head will be determined based on the results of the vote.

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