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Sex Doll Collector Says Robots Will ‘Replace Amazon Alexa’ as Home Gadgets

Brick Dollbanger, sex doll collector and owner of the most technologically advanced Harmony sex doll model whose real identity remains a secret, believes sex dolls could replace AI smart devices because the latter lack a human touch.

"I would think so (replacing Alexa), people don't generally like to talk to a computer object. But if you have a robot sitting there or even the head, I think as humans we prefer to talk to someone against just the mechanical appliance. When you see something, especially if it's beautiful".

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Amazon’s Alexa is a widely used device that allows people to operate things like music, heating, and lighting. Brick, however, who has close ties with Realbotix, Harmony’s manufacturer, believes that is not enough and that sex robots will become preferable because they will offer a personable experience  — for example with the ability to communicate and dictate the sexual behaviour of a doll through verbal instruction, similar to interaction with a real human being.

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He noted that Realbotix is currently working on “a robotic body that will be able to hug you, be able to grind with you during sex".

"And putting sex aside, the fact that they are going to be able to develop this in the next year or so, and release it onto the market, hopefully, in the next two years is amazing in how quickly this technology is moving".

According to the Daily Star, Realbotix is testing robotic heads with a camera fitted behind the eyes which are needed to recognise the user and say their name. The robots will also feature a new "vaginal sensor".

“I would expect it to have a vision, where the head can track you and will know who you are. […] If it gets facial recognition it will be able to pick you out of a room full of people and say this is my human, that's the one I'm bonding with", Brick added.

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