Christchurch & Balkan History; Fake Fort Trump?; Erdogan & Crimea

Christchurch & Balkan History; Fake Fort Trump?; Erdogan & Crimea
The Australian terrorist who carried out the Christchurch mosque attacks deliberately tried to deceive the world into thinking that Balkan history partially inspired his gruesome killing spree.

This week's show starts off by talking about how the Afghan Civil war is spilling over into Turkmenistan. Then it discusses the strategic implications of Russia recently sealing a $2 billion fighter jet deal with Egypt. Once that's done, the program analyzes the symbolism of President Putin inviting his Turkish counterpart to the opening of the Central Mosque in Crimea. After that, the next topic is the signals that Poland is sending about the uncertain future of Fort Trump. And finally, our top story of the week is the deliberately deceptive connection that the Christchurch terrorist tried to make between his heinous acts and Balkan history.

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