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Aliens Didn't Visit Ancient Civilisations on Earth, Archaeologist Proves

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Aliens - Sputnik International
Theories suggesting that technologically advanced aliens visited Earth and helped early human civilisations evolve are not new to modern TV programmes, or to bloggers. No less popular is a conspiracy theory claiming that scientists and historians are actually hiding the truth about our history.

Assistant Professor Matthew Peeples at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University has explained in an interview with the university's online newspaper why aliens have never visited Earth to help human civilisations, debunking the conspiracy theory once and for all.

Our planet is a place which may hide an array of alien artefacts, with some of them possibly created by extinct civilisations which existed on Mars, Venus or even Earth itself, according to the latest NASA study - Sputnik International
Alien 'Artefacts': Earth May Hide Signs of Extinct Extraterrestrial Life - Study

According to him, such theories often neglect to take a systematic and scientific approach to research, as well as to facts and observations; but at the same time, they are still accepted by the general public.

Peeples brought up the Great Pyramids in Egypt as an example, noting that historical research has shown that they fit into their "broader tradition of smaller stone structures and earlier attempts at pyramid construction".

The archaeologist admitted that the technology used in the construction of the pyramids is incredible, but still quite explainable without aliens being involved.

He pointed out that the notion of explaining still-existing achievements of humanity in the past by means of extra-terrestrials is not new and first appeared in science fiction as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Peeples further said that it was TV shows like "Ancient Aliens" and modern books that gave the idea its current popularity.

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What makes extra-terrestrial theories sound even more convincing is the conspiracy theory suggesting that professional archaeologists are hiding the truth about our history. Peeples himself has faced such accusations, but dismisses them as irrelevant. He said that the findings of every scientist are constantly tested and verified by other members of the scientific community. The archaeologist added that TV shows such as "The X-Files" or "Stargate" have also contributed to the popularity of such conspiracy theories.

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