'Sharp Triangular Piece' Allegedly Spotted on Mars Triggers Alien Speculation

Conspiracy theorists have long been pointing to different photos from the red planet that in their opinion suggest intelligent life has existed on Mars in the past. The images sometimes appear to show buildings or parts of spaceships, they claim.

A YouTuber at the channel Secureteam10 has spotted a mysterious object in a panoramic photo allegedly taken by a rover on the Martian surface. The conspiracy theorist points out that although it looks like a rock at first sight, it has seemingly artificial characteristics.

"At first [it] looks like a strangely shaped rock, but as you zoom in it starts to take a more fabricated-like structure. You'll notice the big, perfect circular hole right in the middle", he said.

The YouTuber suggested that could be "a very sharp triangular piece of metal from something" left by an ancient civilization that once existed on the planet. He added that Mars was once "just like another Earth" until some kind of major cataclysm or "man-made explosion" rendered it totally unliveable.

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Conspiracy theorists regularly find strange objects in photos from the red planet, looking for signs of intelligent life that might once have existed there. Some of them resemble buildings, while others allegedly resemble alien craft such as the notorious "flying saucers".

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