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So, I was correct, 100 percent correct, about the state of our once great Nation. According to a Sky News poll, 9 out of 10 Brits do not trust our political leaders and the mainstream media. No sh#t Sherlock!

The only surprise in this poll, of nearly three thousand people, is the fact that the Elite are surprised and I guess the only other shock is the fact that Sky is reporting it!

Although, as usual, they are trying to divert attention by headlining the story as, "Divided, worried and racist" when the headline should be, Britain does not trust the elite and the MSM.

Is it any surprise that we despise these people after the expenses scandal and now the Brexit betrayal?

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I have been saying for ages that Westminster is infested by self-serving pigs who only raise their snouts out of the trough to vote themselves another pay rise, order a rent boy or sleep with their secretary. Okay, that's a bit of a cliché, but not that far off the mark. For over two years they have dithered, delayed and tried to derail the democratic will of the people who voted to leave the EU. They simply do not want and never wanted us to leave and they are determined that we will not.

Now, with just days to go, Theresa May has changed her mantra to it's my way or delay. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has performed a handbrake turn on his views on a second referendum to save his political neck and his party. They both make me want to vomit.

The one thing that unities all of these politicians of all parties, is that all the splits, defections and u-turns have NOT been motivated by a desire to do what is best for the country and the people but what is best for their own personal careers and gain. They all disgust me and clearly, they disgust the nation.

75 percent of the public state that the nation is divided. More than four in 10 respondents (42%) said the main factor was Brexit, while 23% blamed politicians and 14% said immigration was the main cause.

However, Sky on their website spin this as "in the most troubling findings, more than half of the country believe the UK public is racist and Islamophobic, while nearly nine in 10 people think political leaders do not care about the public."

There we go again the MSM spin that we are racist and Islamophobic when the sentence should clearly be the other way around and clearly the most important statistic in the poll is the fact that 9 out of 10 of us believe that our political leaders do not care about us?

This is what I have been saying for years and years. The MSM and the political elite are in bed with each other, literally and metaphorically and they're all part of the same swamp that needs draining. Never forget that the expenses scandal was not broken by a lobby correspondent but a general journalist and many papers turned down the story before the Telegraph broke it.

Also remember the faces of the political editors and MSM broadcasters the day after the referendum when they were scrabbling for guests on College Green after we, the public, rejected their threats, bribes and fear mongering and voted to leave and become an independent and sovereign nation again.

The MSM has been complicit in all of this and the fake news purveyors of the mainstream media are largely to blame for the mess we are now in and that is why more and more people do not watch BBC News, Sky News or buy a blooming newspaper.

Look it was simple; the Establishment Elite asked us to vote, we did that and gave a clear instruction. They have failed to deliver it on purpose and all this talk about a second referendum is cobblers. How many times do I have to say this? We have already had a PEOPLES VOTE, you traitors.

We have been betrayed, absolutely betrayed and this poll is a clear signal of that but they are still in denial.

I watched Sky News this morning and Tony Benn's son was on blaming Nigel Farage for the mess? His dad, a committed anti-EU man must be spinning in his grave! I didn't agree with most of his politics but Tony Benn was a political giant compared to the political pygmy that his son and the rest of parliament is.

Farage was completely right, Theresa May's deal is Brexit in name only and therefore we would be better to leave with no deal and get on with rebuilding our Nation on WTO rules.

I love the way the corrupt MSM believe that people are fed up with Brexit and they now just want it done and dusted. They're completely wrong. Working people are getting angry and as I said before this country is a powder keg.

The elite, as exemplified by their mouthpiece the BBC, are still trying to deceive the public.

As I said in this column, a few weeks ago, the allegations made against John Sweeney and Panorama by Tommy Robinson must be investigated as a matter of urgency and after watching the whole documentary yesterday this demand is even more urgent. I don't know if some or all of Tommy's allegations, that he was being stitched up and that Hope Not Hate was intrinsically involved in editorial decisions, are true but I do know they need a thorough independent investigation.

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Tommy is correct to link his story to the Jimmy Saville case and the cover-up around that foul monster and the BBC should be forced to open their doors to an investigation now as the video evidence looks pretty damming to me and millions of others.

What is also fascinating but not surprising is that no other MSM outlet in print or broadcast have really taken up the story and you have to ask why? Most of us know exactly why!

Tommy is despised and hated by the people who write the reports of these polls like the one today, as if he and his ilk, i.e. the working class, are the problem. This is what leads to hugging a terrorist TV reports and the endless discussions on Sky and the BBC about the Yuman rights of the Jihadi Brides and this is what is turning people away from mainstream media and to the alt new media and outlets like Sputnik and RT.

This despising of the majority, the decent silent majority, is at the core of why people are saying in this poll that they trust the army, Royal family and the NHS but hold in clear contempt the politicians, the establishment elite and their lickspittle mates and lovers in the corrupt out of touch propaganda machines of the Main Stream Media.

The only question now is, will this peoples revolution be televised?

Well not by the Main Stream Media it won't. BUT it is already happening online, on Facebook and on YouTube and it is coming to a device near you soon!

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