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Expert: Hungary Tries to Defend National Sovereignty From Brussels' Interference

© REUTERS / Laszlo BaloghHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrives to a vote on a bill tightening regulations on foreign universities operating in Hungary.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrives to a vote on a bill tightening regulations on foreign universities operating in Hungary. - Sputnik International
Hungary is at risk of being ousted from the European People’s Party after clashing with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker on immigration policy. Sputnik asked Miklos Szantho, the director of the Budapest-based Centre for Fundamental Rights, if there is a possibility of a negative outcome for Orban's Fidesz party.

Sputnik: Do you think we could see Hungary forced out of the EPP as a result of its stance on immigration?

Miklos Szantho: Here we shall see how the EP [European Parliamentary] elections will come out as the outcome of the EP elections will show us the true popularity of the parties of the EPP and maybe Fidesz will be the second or the third most popular faction, with the second or third biggest faction in the European Parliament and within the EPP; so maybe it's not in the interest of the EPP to exclude Fidesz after the EP elections.

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Sputnik: To your mind, is the EU interfering when it comes to dictating policy in this way?

Miklos Szantho: It leads us back to the question of national sovereignty, national identity; there is this so-called European federalism or European sovereignty or European identity. It's a little bit true that there are attempts from Brussels to interfere into member states' sovereignty and it's not clear upon the wording of the European treaties, but the EU tries to outsource decision making from a national level.

And there are a few member states, for example, Hungary or Poland and at the moment Italy, that these member states are trying to defend their national sovereignty and uphold their national identity against the interference of the Brussels' forces and against the forces of the open society network.

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Sputnik: How do you think this rift between Orban and Juncker will affect Hungary's position in the EU?

Miklos Szantho: As Fidesz is a strong and true member is of the EPP, Hungary is a true and strong member of the EU as well. It's not only in the interest of Hungary to be a member of the EU but it's in the interest of the EU as a super-national organisation and in the interest of Germany as well. It's also of interest to other EU states to have Hungary in the EU, not only for political reasons but for economic reasons.

The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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