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Indian Actress Lisa Ray Engages Troll in Retort Exchange for Calling Her Old

© AFP 2021 / STRCanadian and Bollywood actress Lisa Ray attends the GO Men of the Year Awards in Mumbai on September 26, 2015
Canadian and Bollywood actress Lisa Ray attends the GO Men of the Year Awards in Mumbai on September 26, 2015 - Sputnik International
A social media troll called the actress from Bollywood “too old” in a comment on a close-up photo which she posted on Twitter. She shot back, saying among other things that “this dialogue is good to highlight each other’s state of mind”. Her fans rallied behind her with their own shoot-backs.

New Delhi (Sputnik): The troll had it coming for making the "too old" comment when Lisa Ray shot back with a dignified but stern reply, stating that his remark was a symptom of society's unrealistic expectations for women and that she was "honestly not hurt" by what the troll said. Adding further, she contrasted her youth versus the troll, saying that she had aspired for a wider and kinder perspective as a young woman, dropping a hint that he should do the same.

The original post on Twitter from Lisa Ray where the story began.

And the troll's "too old" comment tweeted by a user under the @97Harshadpatel Twitter handle.

Lisa retorted, saying that she is "honestly not hurt" and that the "dialogue is good to highlight each's state of mind".

The troll tried to back out by offering an "apology", but in the same breath saying that he had "said nothing wrong".

The actress gave it back to him, saying that he had given voice to society's dysfunctional attitude towards "women and age" and hence was facing flak on social media.

Lisa's fans on the social media platform were unsatisfied with the apology and continued to show their disdain for the troll, praising the actress for her graceful replies.

Your apology is as bad as your English.

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