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George Soros 'Trying to Create Race War in the US' - Writer

China’s foreign ministry called billionaire philanthropist George Soros's criticism of China and President Xi Jinping “meaningless and not worth refuting”. Soros, during Thursday's speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, called Xi “the most dangerous opponent of open societies.”

Sputnik discussed the US financier's attack on China with E. Michael Jones, an American writer, media commentator and editor of Culture Wars magazine.

Sputnik: How justified is this criticism of China's president by George Soros?

E. Michael Jones: In America we have this expression 'the pot calling the kettle black'. What we have here is George Soros trying to protect us from China, which is great, but who's going to protect us from George Soros? We have three countries here, the United States, England and France, all with popular uprisings against the rule of the oligarchs, and George Soros is one of the main oligarchs, an architect of this system which everyone is finding intolerable. George Soros is trying to create race war in the United States with his Open Society Foundation, he gave $33 million to Black Lives Matter to create race war here. We also have a situation here in the United States where the [name] George Soros is now officially called an anti-Semitic dog whistle. Now for those who speak English and don't understand that phrase, a dog whistle means as soon as you say the [name] George Soros you will be accused of being an anti-Semite. Now we have reached this intolerable situation here largely because of George Soros's "open society program". If this is an open society give us totalitarianism.

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George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management, listens during a seminar titled Charting A New Growth Path for the Euro Zone at the annual International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings September 24, 2011 in Washington, DC. - Sputnik International
Soros: US and China Engaged in Cold War That Could Turn Into Hot One 'Soon'
Sputnik: Absolutely. I was talking to another expert earlier on about George Soros from the UK and I asked him a question about how many UK residents, part of the electorate, actually know who George Soros is and know his name and what he's got to do with in terms of the overall scheme of things? Now we obviously know he's part of the elite set up that drives the whole economic geopolitical situation at the moment, but how many people in America, UK and France know of him and what his motivation is. Obviously it's calling the kettle black, of course we know different. It's very interesting that I'm in Russia and I know about this guy, we talk about him every day, but in England we've got no idea who this guy is, so that tells the story. Do you think Soros made a valid point about the danger of artificial intelligence in undemocratic regimes? I suppose we could all be a bit concerned with artificial intelligence in some form but I suppose we understand this guy's motivation towards that as well?

E. Michael Jones: If you're asking me what's the bigger issue here in the United States, well first of all, if you want to talk about China. Why wasn't George Soros talking about the wrecking of America's industrial infrastructure i beginning in the 1980s with the leverage buyouts forcing companies to the wall here with over amounts of debt leading to the destruction of American manufacturing and sending all those jobs to China, that was the beginning of the problem. If there's a problem with China that was the beginning of it and the oligarchs, the financiers were the cause of it. It's not as if they were looking the other way. No, they were the cause of it. International finance wrecked manufacturing in the United States. So now China has accumulated trillions of dollars that they want to get rid of and they're investing in 'One Belt, One Road'; a railroad that's going to go from Shanghai to Rotterdam and other infrastructure projects.

Let's take a step back here. Why is it such a bad thing from George Soros's point of view? It goes back to the Mackinder thesis, basically. Halford Mackinder is the man who created geopolitics for the British Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. So basically the island nations, which means England and the Unites States and now it's the American empire have to thwart any attempt to unite the Eurasia landmass. And his with China's doing. They're doing it with money they made from America, from looting the American manufacturing basis and now George Soros is against it. Well you know, it's a little bit late now, you're closing the barn door after the horse is out, there's nothing you can do to stop this now. On top of that, you've got the same system in place over here, we're trying to rectify the system by some type of affecting a better trade balance with China. Who is the main opponent of that when Trump tries to do it? Well, George Soros. So there's a kind of incoherence here that I'm tempted to call hypocrisy.

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Sputnik: He's also saying the tech giants also represent a threat to democracy in the USA. What's your view on his positioning against the tech giants? Why is he so anti-tech giants, most of them are from the USA after all?

E. Michael Jones: Let's talk about the wave of censorship that's now sweeping through the tech giants. They create, Google, Facebook, YouTube, which is part of Google, they create these forums for discussion that are spectacularly successful. Now we are told it was too successful because now too many people are saying things that the oligarchs don't want to hear, well now they're censoring all this stuff. Well why isn't George Soros talking about Facebook and all those types of things now. Why is China the villain here? We need some type of coherent policy here, you create this forum, you got all these people talking and now suddenly the oligarchs are saying no, no you're not saying the right thing, get back with the programme, don't criticize the plan here, well it's not going to work. You have a sense of consciousness now that's spreading around the world, the people aren't happy with oligarchic rule and it's not going to stop by simply shutting down Facebook, it is not the solution, the solution is to maybe listen to the people and do something about crushing debt. Has anybody talked about debt at Davos? No, because they're all creditors.

The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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