"MAGA Hat Kids"; Venezuelan Crisis; Suicide Bombings in Syria

“MAGA Hat Kids”; Venezuelan Crisis; Suicide Bombings In Syria
The scandal over the “MAGA hat kids” shows how desperate the Mainstream Media is to malign Caucasian Christian Trump supporters that they’d ignore an African-American cult’s racist hate rant in order to attack a teenager for smiling in front of a passive-aggressive Native American drum-beater.

This week's show starts off by talking about Zimbabwe's controversial anti-riot internet shutdown and the use of this tactic across the world in similar situations more generally. Then it moves along to why Italy called out France for continuing its colonial practices in Africa. After that, the next topic of analysis is the political motivation behind Daesh's two suicide bombings against US troops in Northeastern Syria over the past week. Once that's done, we then cover the Colour Revolutionary unrest in Venezuela. And finally, our top story of the week is how the scandal over the "MAGA hat kids" proves just how downright dirty the Mainstream Media's racist double standards are against Caucasian Christian Trump supporters.

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