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Twitter Toxic as Women's March Bills Thatcher, Other Female MPs 'Menstruators'

© AP Photo / Simon DawsonProtesters take part in the Women's March calling for equality, justice and an end to austerity in London, Britain January 19, 2019
Protesters take part in the Women's March calling for equality, justice and an end to austerity in London, Britain January 19, 2019 - Sputnik International
The feminist march took place in downtown London this past weekend, attracting thousands of supporters. However, many chose to withdraw from the group and distance themselves from the march’s rhetoric, which uses the word “cis” to speak about “women at birth”.

The Women’s March movement, to the theme “Bread and Roses” in honour of American feminist Rose Schneiderman, has sparked outrage after a number of its organizers referred to female MPs as “menstruators”.

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Thousands of campaigners, including the transgender activist Munro Bergdorf, marched across London on Saturday in the run-up to the anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, holding up posters saying “austerity is misogyny” and “Brexit wrecks it”.  Hours later, however, the march moved on to Twitter, resulting in a war of words as organizers reduced the fair sex to “menstruators”. 

Referring to the time the UK joined the EU in 1973, when Margaret Thatcher and Barbara Castle were among the 23 women sitting in Parliament, the Women’s March tweeted about the EU’s so-called “tampon tax”:

“Fun history lesson — when the UK joined the eu [sic] it had a limited time to choose which products could remain tax free before everything had to have vat on it. In 1973 there were 23 menstruators in parliament. So really the tampon tax is an issue of political representation”.

The tweet instantly drew criticism online, with even followers hitting at the outrageous “inclusivity” and vowing to distance themselves from the movement. One attempted to get across a message that “an afab woman’s journey” is far different from that of a transgender one, although both exist in today’s world:

Women with bright pink hats and signs begin to gather for a protest against Donald Trump's presidency, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. Earlier this year, US media reported that Soros contributed $246 million to partners of the Women's March. - Sputnik International
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“’Inclusivity’ reducing women to ‘menstruators’. Disgusting. Eroding away definition of woman to appease men. I support trans women as trans women, their journey is hard and I won’t pretend to know it, as they should understand they won’t understand a woman’s journey, ridiculous”, the user tweeted.

Others pointed to the fact that there are those who “never menstruate” or have gone through menopause, which is hardly a justification for not calling them women:

Despite the post being subsequently pulled before the group clarified their point, the “incendiary” words had already sent the pendulum swinging:

One even pointed to the fact that “menstruators” sounds like a religious or a political belief:

Others eagerly dwelled on the now frequently used notions of “cisgender”, “cis males”, or “cis females” referring to people belonging to this or that biological gender at birth, stating that such wording is superfluous and offensive:

The commenter even complained about her previous post, in which she asked not to be referred to as “an afab female”, being deleted, drawing support from other Twitterians:

The London-based Women’s March later clarified their point, sharing their “regrets” over the “offence caused by the use of the term “menstruators”.

However, the wave of protests didn’t subside at once, with netizens suggesting that the organizers pay attention to the way the female MPs in question and others identified themselves:

A number of people again picked up on the group’s use of “cis”, demanding that they stop doing this:


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