US Comedian Stirs Twitter by Offering to 'Blow' Anyone Who Punches MAGA Kid

An incident involving students wearing "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) hats, and a Native American elder, whom they allegedly mocked, has rocked the Internet. However, their actions were later presented in new light following the publication of a new, longer video of the incident.

US comedian Sarah Beattie has shocked the internet with her recent tweet in which she offered to give a blowjob to anyone who would "punch that MAGA kid in the face", referring to Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, one of the key figures in the scandal surrounding the video of the "MAGA hat kids" purportedly mocking Native American veteran Nathan Phillips.

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The tweet has since been deleted, but netizens managed to take a screenshot of it, spreading it across the Internet. Her offer spurred massive backlash among Twitterians, who slammed her for encouraging violence.

While media reports alleged that she used to be a contributing author for Saturday Night Live, some suggested that it explains the show's alleged deterioration in recent seasons.

Others mocked Beattie, suggesting that she failed at her joke — or even made suggestions along the same lines, but the other way around.

Some Twitterians suggested that her offer was a blow to the MeToo movement

Beattie is known for her jokes, which she posts on Twitter, as well as for the enticing photos that she posts on Instagram.

"When I see a girl tie a cherry stem with her tongue, I put a whole fish in my mouth and pull out the skeleton, then I leave with her boyfriend", one of her jokes went.

The "MAGA kid" that Beattie was reportedly referring to is Nick Sandmann, a Covington Catholic High School student who, along with fellow students wearing MAGA hats, was accused of allegedly acting in a racist way and mocking a Native American veteran. The incident was sparked by a video that was removed from a broader context.

Two days later another video, shot from a different perspective, surfaced on social media offering a new angle on the alleged confrontation. It turned out that the students had been harassed by a group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites, and the Native American elder then allegedly decided to ease tensions between the two groups by putting himself between them and playing his drum.

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The elder passed through the crowd of students, but stopped in front of Sandmann, who stood still. As Sandman later explained, he thought that Phillips had "singled [him] out for a confrontation" and decided to stand "motionless and calm" to diffuse the situation.

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