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'Race-Changing' Model Infuriates Netizens Claiming Her Babies Will Be Black

A model, born white, has undergone melanin injections and breast enhancement to look more African and curvy. The woman, who has spent some time in Kenya to learn more about tribal culture and was even given a Swahili name, is ready to go further in her effort to change her race.

German model Martina Big, who has had melanin injections to make her skin tone darker and look more African, has claimed that she’s changed her race. Moreover, the woman told the co-hosts of the show This Morning that she and her white husband Michael’s future children would be born black, citing some doctors.

"My children will be black. We are not having plans, but I am discussing with my doctor to see if my body is okay, will I be able to breastfeed, what the baby will look like”, she said on-air puzzling her interviewers.

Публикация от MartinaBigFanClub (@martinabigfanclub) 26 Июн 2018 в 3:54 PDT

While one of them cautiously voiced doubts how it was possible genetically, Martina Big elaborated that she was pretty sure that her baby from her partner, who has also had melanin injections, “will be black or milk chocolate or a little bit light”. She has not stopped at claiming that her treatment would influence her baby’s skin tone.

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"The skin is getting darker and my growing hair is changing and getting curly and more dark”, she shared. Even my eyebrows now are getting dark and my eye colour has changed", she insisted.

Although the woman fought back any allegations that she cannot talk about being black saying that “a lot of Afro-Americans don't know about African culture”, netizens lambasted her for “racist behaviour”.

​Others just were left clueless over her “delusions”.

​The 29-year-old Trier-born model went through several melanin injections over the last two years to darken her skin, is now seeking further transformations, The Daily Mail reported.  Facial surgery is yet another step after the woman has already splashed over 50,000 pounds to have her breasts enlarged to an overwhelming 70S cup size (UK 32S), the biggest in Europe. Martina Big, who also wears traditional African attire and has even started learning Swahili, now wants to have surgeries on her nose, lips, and butt.

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