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Brazilian Model Says 'Hobby' Helped Her Get 'Kardashian’s Signature Look'

The model however insisted that she isn't just a Kim K lookalike, arguing that beauty alone won’t get you far without intelligence and charisma.

Jennifer Pamplona, a 26-year-old model from Brazil who spent vast sums of money on plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian, has revealed that originally, undergoing cosmetic surgery started off as “just a hobby” for her.

"When I started my cosmetic surgery it was a hobby for me, and afterwards people and the media started to compare me with Kim," she told the Metro. “I thought it could be great for my career, so why not? I started to invest more and more to look like her. Not necessarily like her, but to get the Kardashians’ signature look. I made everything for fame and to feel confident."

She also remarked that she earns money because of her smarts and not just because of her resemblance of Kim Kardashian. 

"I used my looks and my experience in beauty to do it, not necessary because I have a nice body and face, or look like Kim K. No matter what you look like, if you’re not smart and charismatic, beauty can get attention from people, but they will not stay," Pamplona said.

Pamplona, a former Versace model, spent over than $500,000 on more than 20 cosmetic surgical procedures, including “two nose jobs, boobs twice, Brazilian butt lift, liposuction… leg fillers eight times, butt, cheeks and lips fillers, neck liposuction, chin surgery, face spider web [non-surgical skinlifting], butt spider web Botox, veneers”, by her own admission.

In December, she was forced to remove her silicone breast implants after one of them exploded.

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