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UK Woman Stumbles Upon Ritual Involving Blood-Covered Couple Having Sex - Report

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The bizzare act even involved a group of strangely-clad people standing around in a circle, the report says.

A woman was walking her dog in a Yorkshire park when she stumbled upon a scene out of a horror movie: a cult ritual involving a couple having sex while covered in what appeared to be crow's blood, according to the Daily Mail.

The anonymous 42-years old woman discovered the strange ceremony after her dog Kye smelled something and ran into the depths of Hawksworth Woods in Leeds, the report says.

"Kye disappeared and I heard what I thought was shouting and swearing from the woods," the woman told reporters.

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What she saw when she caught up with Kye was several men clad in beige robes and hats that resembled swimming caps standing in a circle. In its centre was a naked woman lying flat, and a naked man kneeling before her and chanting.

"The woman was laid down flat on her back with her arms and legs out like a snow angel and with her eyes shut," she said.

Then, the couple proceeded to have sex, with the man smearing the body of his lover with the blood of a dead bird — presumably a crow — whose dead corpse was lying nearby, she said.

According to the woman, the strange ceremony could have been a fertility rite.

The woman grabbed her dog and used a mobile phone to call her friend. She did not take any pictures or video recordings of the act, Daily Mail reports.

She and her friend then went to Hawksworth Primary School nearby, concerned that children might stumble upon the ceremony on their way to class. The act reportedly took place a mere 20 metres into the woods and barely 100 metres away from the school's playground.

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A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said they received only one call about the alleged act of 'indecent exposure'. 

However, she also said that the "police received a report of public indecency at Hawksworth Wood Trail on Cragside Walk in Leeds yesterday afternoon".

"Police have stepped up patrols in the area," the report said.

It is unknown whether the people involved belong to any particular religious organisation.

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