WATCH: Fearing For Its Life, Indian Cobra Throws Up Swallowed Eggs

Bhadrak is a town in the eastern Indian state of Odisha which has made headlines before for being home to hundreds of cobras.

New Delhi (Sputnik) — In a startling video filmed by villagers in the eastern state of Odisha, a frightened cobra is seen regurgitating seven eggs it had swallowed after killing a hen. The video shows a locally-famous snake catcher from the region, Mirza Mohd Arif, removing the cobra from the chicken coop it had been hiding in. Villagers claimed that the cobra had killed a hen who had lived there and swallowed her eggs.

Last June, over 100 cobra babies were rescued from a house in Shyampur, a village in Bhadrak.  In another house in the region, Arif captured 126 baby cobras and three adult cobras.

A similar incident transpired in Narilo, a village in the Chakrada area in Kendrapara district; there, 20 baby cobras were rescued from a local resident's home in the morning.

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