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Deport Dover Illegals Now

© AP Photo / Matt DunhamTwo unidentified young migrants get off a bus as they arrive at Lunar House, which houses the headquarters of UK Visas and Immigration, in Croydon, south London, Monday, Oct. 17, 2016
Two unidentified young migrants get off a bus as they arrive at Lunar House, which houses the headquarters of UK Visas and Immigration, in Croydon, south London, Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 - Sputnik International
What an irony that Brits couldn’t get out of Gatwick on holiday but illegal immigrants seem to be able to arrive at Dover Beach with almost impunity.

The numbers are staggering with estimates of over 180 arriving in November and at least five incidents on Christmas Day alone. Another 56 have arrived since we finished our Turkey dinner!

Immigration minister Caroline Noakes said: "The number of incidents over recent days is deeply concerning."

She has obviously taken lessons in communications and understatement from useless Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, who didn't have a clue what to say during "Dronegate" at Gatwick when hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Brits couldn't fly away on their holidays.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) chats with her host Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (R) in the parliament building of Budapest on February 2, 2015 during their joint press conference during her first visit to Hungary in last five years. - Sputnik International
How Desire for Border Control in the West Saw Globalization Concede
Caroline, I really do not want to be rude but Great Britain is a blooming Island so protecting our borders should be relatively simple but it seems it defeats our political class every time.

These latest illegals are from Iraq, Afghanistan and Iraq. Are there no safe countries between their homelands and the UK? Is there not a rule that they should apply for asylum in the first country they arrive in?

Of course, there is. However, they all want to get to the home of hot and cold running benefits and the Kingdom of the soft touch.

So, Caroline Noakes, of course we are concerned about these people taking a dangerous trip across the channel but I am even more concerned that they immediately take a more comfortable trip back to France on a ferry.

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More than that I would love to see the return trip televised along with the burning of their dinghies so that a clear message is sent out to other people not to waste their money or lives trying to get to the UK as they will immediately be sent back.

For too long the French have effectively turned a blind eye and waved these illegals through to the UK in the backs of lorries. However, now that this route has been effectively closed off these people are trying to cross the sea in boats and they must be stopped at all costs.

Cargo ship - Sputnik International
Thames Estuary: Crew Holed Up in Cargo Ship Threatened by Migrants
Before you start accusing me of being inhumane, actually what I am proposing is the ultimate humane act because by televising the deportations we will reduce the risk of mass casualties in the channel and the deaths of innocents and children.

The mobile phone is the mass communication tool used by the migrants to spread the word on how to get to the UK so pictures transmitted on social media will speak a thousand words in discouraging others to follow suit.

We must send out a clear and unequivocal message that you cannot jump the queue and climb into an unsafe boat to get asylum in the UK.

If you wish to come and live here you must go through the proper procedure and be vetted. There is nothing wrong or racist about protecting our borders and deciding who we wish to let in.

Am I the only one who wants to kick the TV screen in when Sky or the BBC feature an "in-depth investigation" into the evil people smugglers who, with a scarf wrapped around their face, tell the "wet behind the ears" reporters how much they charge and how their dangerous criminal activity works?

If stupid posh privileged reporters in the fake news industry can track down these gangsters and interview them then why can't our spooks or our police?

I thought the EU was meant to work together on these kinds of operations?

We need to break a few skulls and get these gangsters before the courts and banged up for a very long time. If we do not act now we will have a crisis on the scale of the Med before the light nights come back in the spring. Sometimes I am afraid you have to be cruel or harsh to be kind.

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A combination of harsh sentences for the People smuggling gangsters and immediate deportations of the illegals will send a clear message and act as a deterrent to future smugglers and passengers wouldn't it?

After the scandal of the "men boys" who were allowed to come into the country and into our children's classrooms without adequate vetting and of course Merkel's millions we must make sure that those arriving at the white cliffs of Dover do not have a criminal or terror intent. Again, this is not racist but just plain common sense.

Charlie Elphicke, the Conservative MP for Dover says that the authorities need to "get a grip" on the situation and that the Home Office and National Crime Agency do not appear to be on top of the problem. He is 100 percent correct and the reason all Politicians shy away from this urgent problem is that they are afraid of being accused of being racist by the snowflakes of Twitter and Facebook.

However just with Trump's wall there is absolutely nothing wrong with securing your country's borders because despite what the likes of Gary Lineker, JK Rowling and Lily Allen say a Nation without a border is not a nation. By the way I must remember to find out how many rooms in their assorted mansions these virtue signallers have given over to these asylum seekers in recent months, I bet I can count them on one…finger!

Of course, if the EU were more use than a chocolate fireguard then both this impending and developing crisis in the channel and the one we still have in the Med would have been sorted years ago which is just one more reason why we must get the Brexit we voted for and not the shoddy lousy deal that Theresa May is still trying to push on us.

As an independent sovereign nation, we will make our own laws, secure our borders and have a fair immigration system that puts those applying the legal way, from wherever in the world, at the front of the queue to get what should become a treasured and much desired British blue passport.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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