President Trump Announces Plans to Withdraw from Syria

President Trump Announces Plans to Withdraw from Syria
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss President Trump's proposed move to withdraw US forces from Syria. What prompted this decision, and will Trump go through with this move despite significant opposition from the Washington DC foreign policy establishment?


Kit Klarenberg — Investigative Journalist w/ Sputnik News | The Integrity Initiative: Spies Covertly Pushing Propaganda

Dr. Bosworth — Internal Medicine Physician & Author of the Book: 'ANYWAY YOU CAN' | Is Silicon Valley KNOWINGLY Concealing the Danger of Their Own Prodcuts?

Jim Jatras — Government and Media Relations Specialist | The Disgraceful Treatment of Maria Butina

Peter Ford - Former Ambassador from the UK to Syria | Withdrawing from Syria: The Main Questions about Trump's Announcement

Ryan Cristián — Founder and Editor of The Last American Vagabond | What was in the Farm Bill & Media Malpractice in the Flint Water Crisis

As the Integrity Initiative story continues to unfold, more is being uncovered about how the organization functioned. Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist with Sputnik News, joins the show to detail what he has learned about the Integrity Initiative and how it operated as a tool for certain powerful interests.

There is mounting evidence that high usage of modern-day electronic devices can have negative health effects and may alter brain development for children. Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Bosworth joins the show to give her take on the potential dangers of these highly stimulating gadgets and some of the strategies parents can employ to address these concerns.

As details continue to emerge about the Maria Butina case, new questions are being raised about her treatment in custody. Government and Media Relations Specialist Jim Jatras returns to Fault Lines to discuss Butina's situation and the likelihood that she will return to Russia in the near future.

Trump's proposed withdrawal from Syria has been met with great opposition from many in the DC political class. Peter Ford, a former ambassador from the UK to Syria, joins Garland and Lee to discuss Trump's decision and how the public should be interpreting this move as of now.

For the final segment, the hosts are joined by Ryan Cristián, founder and editor of The Last American Vagabond, to discuss both the recently passed farm bill and the Flint Water Crisis. What were some of the buried details in the Farm Bill, and how has news coverage of the situation in Flint been indicative of what is wrong with the mainstream media?

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