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Pro-Brexit Protesters in Yellow Vests Block Westminster Bridge (VIDEO, PHOTO)

© REUTERS / Hannah McKayPedestrians walk past barriers on Westminster Bridge, in central London June 5, 2017.
Pedestrians walk past barriers on Westminster Bridge, in central London June 5, 2017. - Sputnik International
The Yellow Vest demonstration is underway as British Prime Minister Theresa May is holding negotiations with EU leaders in a bid to improve the contentious Withdrawal Deal.

Yellow vest pro-Brexit protesters, similar to those who took recently to French streets, have blocked Westminster Bridge this morning, paralysing traffic. 

"Buses serving routes via Westminster Bridge Road may be delayed because of a demonstration which is blocking the road," Transport for London tweeted addressing the incident.

Chants of 'Brexit now!' were shouted by 30 to 60 Brexiteers, according to British media, as Theresa May holds talks with EU leaders trying to improve the Withdrawal Agreement.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police noted that they are aware of the protests, adding that no arrests have been made. There is no exact information as to whether the rally was planned beforehand.The social group ‘Fighting for Justice,' appears to be behind the protest, as their Facebook account features a live stream of the event. The group's social media pages promote solidarity with France's yellow-vest protesters and stance of high profile UKIP figures such as ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson and leader Gerard Batten.

The protesters told Sputnik's correspondent in London that they do not want to belong to a grand European "superstate," adding that they are willing to "reclaim control" of their country:

Protestors clash with riot police on December 8, 2018 in Bordeaux, southwestern France, during a demonstration against rising costs of living. The yellow vest movement in France originally started as a protest about planned fuel hikes but has morphed into a mass protest against President's policies and top-down style of governing. - Sputnik International
Serbian Representative: Serbs Do Not Rush to Front Lines With Yellow Vests

Addressing the Brexit deal issue, they spoke out against it, calling to "dump it" to avoid yet another referendum:

The vests that were seen on the British protesters resemble those worn across-the-board in France. Hundreds of thousands of Gilet Jaune protesters have brought large parts of France to a halt over the last month, with their rallies for more progressive taxes, increased social guarantees, scrapping of a proposed fuel tax etc. often turning violent. French President Emmanuel Macron announced a concession, namely backtracked on the fuel tax, however, it is not immediately clear if the move would stop the protesters from carrying on with their rally.

The Brexit impasse is central in today's relationsip between Britain and the 27 EU member states, with no final deicision yet reached on the much debated withdrawal agreement. On Thursday, British Prime Miniester Theresa May was told by her EU colleagues to return to the UK parliament and find a way to resolve the Brexit logjam after she failed to convince EU leaders in Brussels that her plan to win the anti-Brexit MPs is credible enough.

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