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'Insanity Continues': Users on Germany's Law Legalising Third Gender

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Previously, people born with sexual characteristics of both males and females were left with blank space on the "gender" field in their birth certificates. The Federal Constitutional Court recently ruled such a practice as unacceptable and ordered the parliament to change it.

The German parliament approved a law allowing a third option for the gender field in birth certificates on 14 December. Now people, who were born intersex, can be registered as "miscellaneous".

People who were born with distinctive male or female features will still be registered as usual. They will be able to change it later, although it will require medical examination proving the need for a gender change in documents. Lawmaker from Christian Democratic Union Marc Henrichmann, cited by the DPA commented on the matter by saying that the "official civil register must be based on evidence rather than self-assessments".

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The new law was adopted in light of the decision by the Federal Constitutional Court, which labelled the existing registration rules as discriminatory against intersex people. Previously they were left with a blank space in the gender field of the birth certificate. This practice was adopted following a suit by an intersex adult who argued that the state shouldn't force intersex people to choose between being male or female.

A person is considered to be intersex if they possess characteristics of both male and female bodies, in terms of genitals, gonads, hormones, or chromosomes, or a combination of these characteristics not typical for either of the basic genders.

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Many netizens viewed the news from Germany quite negatively, stating that only two sexes should exist.

Others argued that intersex people can't be really assigned to any gender, but noted that medical professionals should determine whether a person is intersex or not.

Not only those opposing the introduction of new types of genders were left dissatisfied with the new law. Transgender netizens demanded that they should also be given a special gender option, just like the intersex people.

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