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Stephen King Slams Trump as 'Chickens**t' Over Disrespecting McCain

© AFP 2023 / Evan AgostiniStephen King attends the 2018 PEN Literary Gala
Stephen King attends the 2018 PEN Literary Gala - Sputnik International
US President Donald Trump faced criticism over his remarks about retired Admiral William McRaven, whom he called a "Hillary Clinton fan." Trump was also criticised for his attitude towards late Senator John McCain, whom the US president refused to call a hero, referring the fact that he had been captured in the Vietnam War.

Famous author Stephen King slammed US President Trump as a "chickens**t" for his comments in regards to US veterans William McRaven and John McCain, as well as his failure to visit "hot zones."

A lot of social media supported King's claims, suggesting that the US president is not a very brave man.

Many Twitterians liked the wordplay in the author's tweet.

Though some noted that comparing Trump to chickens is actually unfair… to chickens.

One social media user went so far as to say that chickens' "by-products" are more useful than the US president.

Several netizens even suggested that the author should definitely write a book about "chickens**t," claiming that it would be a bestseller.

US President Donald Trump recently blasted retired Admiral William McRaven, who orchestrated the killing of Osama Bin Laden, in an interview with Fox News on 18 November. He called the admiral a "Hillary Clinton fan" and an "Obama backer" and suggested that the terrorist number one should have been taken down earlier.

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Trump is also known for his criticism towards late Republican Senator John McCain. The US president claimed that the only reason that McCain was called a hero was because he was captured.

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