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A Nation is Only a Nation if It Has Border Integrity

This latest episode of Shooting From the lip features straight talker, Raheem Kassam. Fresh from covering the USA mid Term elections for Fox News Raheem joins Jon Gaunt from Washington DC to tell us what he makes of the political scene in the States but also to attack the state of the UK too.

The former adviser to Nigel Farage and ex London Breitbart Editor does not hold back declaring that the mid-terms were a win for Trump and actually strengthened his chance of a second term.

He points out that a “Cynical and political way of looking at result is that Trump can now use the fact that the Democrats will not give him the money in the House for things like the wall which may help him to get re-elected.” He will blame them.

He believes that Trump is correct on the caravan issue saying, “I think it was a smart move politically and it was important to do it for integrity of nation state”

Continuing he states that “A Nation is only a nation if it has border integrity.” On the Grenfell Bonfire effigy story, he says “My take is engaging in an act like this speaks to a person’s low moral character, their inability to empathise and sympathise or even a mental deficiency but we do not legislate on what hurts people’s feelings or offence.”

“The fact that Theresa May and the police and whole media establishment reacted to this with such speed when compared to the grooming gangs or the actual Grenfell disaster speaks for itself”

He believes that the UK is “policing thought, speech and expression this is an unmitigated disaster as it is enshrining in law Virtue signalling”.

He laughs at the idea that Tommy Robinson will make a million dollars on a tour of the USA. He believes the whole case will be dismissed and that it is a great victory for the People against the Establishment.

He attacks Sadiq Khan saying that “Sadiq is a pound shop Obama.”

He states that Khan is not getting criticised over the murder epidemic as Boris would have been. “Khan is not getting this level of attack because I suspect part it is because he is first Muslim mayor and no one wants to tar him with failure and he is part of the celeb liberal clique which is why he doesn’t get criticised.”

On Brexit he simply says, “we have been betrayed it is a sell out, a cop out it is not Brexit turned it from a great rebellion to an unmitigated disaster.”

Can you afford to miss this episode of Shooting From the Lip with Jon Gaunt and Raheem Kassam?

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