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Netizens Rave and Storm Over Sex Brothel Offering to Take Sex Dolls' Virginity

Amid the sweeping popularity of sex brothels around the world, another interesting feature of one has recently hit the headlines – and that is, however dubious this may sound, the virginity option with regard to the plastic lovers.

A “clean and futuristic” brothel, named Eve’s Robot Dreams is raising funds to open in West Hollywood, California, and most importantly, it will provide the possibility of taking a doll’s virginity, for a separate fee, of course.

“The concept of virginity will always be appealing in society where women are highly sexualized while their sexual purity is simultaneously held in high regard,” claimed Eve’s Robot Dreams CEO Unicole Unicron in an interview with The Daily Star, noting men, who are “on the forefront of new technology” naturally seek to be “the first person to sleep with these robots because it is truly a historical act.” 

Despite the option sounding quite revolutionary in the context of silicone sexbots, netizens appear to have taken it with a grain of salt, since the “violated part” can be, pure and simple, replaced, “a presto.”

A more conservative user, meanwhile, butted in saying there should be no misogyny over the issue, since “real women are God’s creation,” suggesting this as a foundation to proceed from.

Another took a swipe at “resorting to a sex doll,” picking on the company’s promise “on top of it” to deliver sex dolls’ virginity to clients, implicating the experience and play-upon “animalistic tendencies of men” is pathetic:

This capability of being able to interact is expected to be a noteworthy and distinguishing feature of the projected brothel, as communication is needed both in the case of a couple looking for a third “individual” to completely rule out jealousy and experience sexual freedom, as well as in the case of lonely men seeking their one of a kind silicone companion.

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The campaign also noted that in an ideal “phantasy world” its “main concern is cleaning and sanitation,” with the company expected to start “working with LA County and OSHA to provide the safest environment for everyone,” with “staff on-hand to clean and sterilize equipment.” Customers’ hygiene requirements are also highly prioritized as they will “be able to purchase their own vaginal or anus insert that is theirs and theirs alone.”

The crowdfunding campaign, launched on the website Indiegogo, has currently raised $2,512 of the $155,000 needed, with only two weeks left to finalize the crowdfunding and start the business. 

The robots, which provide pleasures of the flesh, have had a considerable impact on the dating world over the last couple of years, with the iconic silicone beauty Harmony by the famed manufacturer Realbotics even joining Tinder last month, where she provoked a strong sexual desire in roughly half of her total matches.

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