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Bottle Toilet, Sex on Board: Pilots Reveal Bizarre Tales About Flying Aircraft

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Woman pilot - Sputnik International
Two German pilots have gathered the most interesting facts and stories from their careers and the history of aviation, publishing them in a book that could turn the views of some passengers on the whole process of flight upside-down.

Two experienced pilots, Florian Knack and Silvia Götzen, have revealed some bizarre facts and tales from the world of private aviation in their latest book "111 Reasons to Love Flying."

In one chapter, Knack spoke about the so-called "Mile High Club," which a person can join… by having sex on board a plane that is at least one mile (1,852 meters) high. The author even gave two pieces of advice for those willing to pass the initiation process and become a member. The person should either book an overnight flight in first class or just go to the restroom with their partner separately.

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Knack admitted that some members of the "Mile High Club" are actually pilots, but according to him, such adventures quite often end up in disaster. He wrote that an investigation into the crash of a Piper plane in 1991 revealed that both its pilots lost control of the aircraft due to having been engaged in sex games on the co-pilot's seat.

Call of the Wild

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Woman Arrested After Leaving Newborn Baby in Airplane Bathroom

The authors also touched on the issue of relieving oneself mid-air on a small plane without a restroom. It turns out that most pilots just plan their landings to do that, but in extraordinary situations they just use empty plastic bottles. The book even offers a detailed solution for women, who, although rarely work as pilots, still face the same difficulties.

Planes Before Cars

While most runways are quite similar in how they work, one in Gibraltar stands out. Due to a lack of space, the runway was built crossing a 4-lane highway, which is blocked to both cars and pedestrians every time a plane is about to land or take off.

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