Cocky Cockatoo Snags Kangaroos’ Snacks

© YouTube/Viral HogCocky Cockatoo Snags Kangaroos’ Snacks
Cocky Cockatoo Snags Kangaroos’ Snacks - Sputnik International
Sharing is caring, but this fowl is simply overbearing!

While kangaroos are usually depicted as scrappy marsupials, video uploaded by Viral Hog on Sunday shows a couple of ‘roos taking a different approach in the face of a hungry cockatoo!

Footage recorded Saturday in New South Wales, Australia, shows joeys Joe and Frankie enjoying some snacks at Wild 2 Free Kangaroo Sanctuary as a cockatoo comes into the frame. While the parrot first appears to just want to join in on the free snacks, things take a turn once the fowl begins snapping at the kangaroos.

Though not shown, the owner of the footage says the cockatoo — after scaring the ‘roos off — usually uses "his beak to toss all the reject grains on the grass, chomping down on only the best ones."

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