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Iran's IRGC to Saudis, UAE: 'You're Not Invincible, Don't Cross Our Red Lines'

© AP Photo / Vahid SalemiIranian Revolutionary Guards members
Iranian Revolutionary Guards members - Sputnik International
Tensions between Tehran and its Arab neighbors escalated this week after Iranian officials accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the United States and Israel, of being responsible for a deadly terror attack during a military parade in the southern Iranian city of Ahvaz last weekend.

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps deputy commander Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami has warned Riyadh and Abu Dhabi not to cross Tehran's "red lines."

"If you cross our red lines, we will surely cross yours. You know the storm the Iranian nation can create," Salami said in a speech during Friday prayers, as cited by Reuters.

In this Sept. 21, 2016 file photo, Iran's Revolutionary Guard troops march in a military parade marking the 36th anniversary of Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran, in front of the shrine of late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, just outside Tehran, Iran - Sputnik International
Saudi Arabia Rejects Iran's Claims of Involvement in Parade Attack - Reports
"Stop creating plots and tensions. You are not invincible. You are sitting in a glass house and cannot tolerate the revenge of the Iranian nation…We have shown self-restraint," Salami added.

The deputy commander also demanded that the United States "stop supporting the terrorists" warning that Washington would "pay the price" if it didn't.

Salami's remarks come on the heels of comments by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seeyed Ali Khamenei accusing Saudi Arabia and the UAE of financing the perpetrators of Saturday's terror attack in Ahvaz, which killed at least 25 people and injured over 60 others. Khamenei described the attacks as "a continuation of the plots of the regional states that are puppets of the United States," adding that the goal of such terrorism was "to create insecurity in our dear country."

Iranian armed forces members and civilians take shelter in a shooting during a military parade marking the 38th anniversary of Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran - Sputnik International
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Iranian intelligence identified and arrested some 22 individuals thought to be involved in plotting the attack. The five gunmen who opened fire on military personnel and civilian onlookers during the parade dedicated to the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq War were killed. The Patriotic Arab Democratic Movement and Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), a terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries, have each claimed responsibility for the attack.

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