Norwegian Police: Missing Kamphuis May Have Fled Intentionally by Cargo Ship

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - WikiLeaks associate Arjen Kamphuis, who disappeared in Norway in August, could have fled intentionally by stowing away inside a cargo ship departing from a local port, Norwegian police said on Monday, sharing one of their theories of the man’s disappearance.

"This is one of the leads that we are investigating, we are still working on it and hope to clear out whether the information is correct," police spokesperson Bjarte Walle told Parool newspaper.

The statement referred to Kamphuis, a Dutch cybersecurity expert, who is believed to have disappeared on August 20 after leaving his hotel room in the town of Bodo, where he spent his vacation. Last week, media reported that his belongings had been found by a fisherman some 31 miles away from Bodo, with the police later confirming the information. One of the witnesses allegedly reported that he had seen Kamphuis in Denmark.

A supporter of WikiLeaks founder julian Assange holds a copy of The WikiLeaks Files outside the Ecuadorian embassy in central London, Britain February 5, 2016 - Sputnik International
Assange's Missing Associate Was Person of Interest for Spies – Commentator

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According to the media outlet, some witnesses reported that they had seen Kamphuis not far from the settlement of Rognan, the approximate place where the man’s belongings had been discovered. Meanwhile, on August 20, a cargo ship left the Rognan harbor for the Norwegian city of Stavanger, close to where the police detected a signal from Kamphuis' phone on August 30.

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