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Trump Under Fire for Failing to Mention McCain Who Discontinued Cancer Treatment

© Sputnik / Iliya Pitalev / Go to the mediabankUS Senator John McCain. (File)
US Senator John McCain. (File) - Sputnik International
On August 24 McCain's family announced that the veteran senator had decided to end his treatment for brain cancer, citing its reduced efficiency due to his age and aggressiveness of the glioblastoma.

While speaking at a Republican Party dinner in Ohio on August 24 US President Donald Trump failed to mention one specific Republican senator, John McCain. The senior senator from Arizona is suffering from terminal brain cancer and recently announced that he is abandoning treatment. At the function, Trump touched upon a broad spectrum of issues, such as the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal migrant, Democrats' migration policy and even mentioning Kim Kardashian-West, calling her "a good wife."

According to the Washington Times, citing an anonymous source in the White House, Trump does not intend to "comment on McCain before he dies."

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This lack of attention to a fellow Republican, who happens to be dying, didn't go unnoticed by US politicians and social media users who took to Twitter to express their fury at Trump's "lack of compassion."

Twitterians recalled his caustic comment from 2015, when he said he doesn't think of McCain as a war hero, and suggested that Trump should apologize for that now.

Some noted that Democrats were especially active in scolding Trump's silence on McCain's condition.

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Many Twitter users noted that there was nothing surprising in Trump's actions as the two men didn't especially like each other. They also suggested that even if he were to say something it was unlikely that it would be sincere.

At the same time there were those, who scolded the hyped up attention to what Trump failed to mention in his speech.

Several Twitterians tried to recall that John McCain had had his own bad moments, suggesting it wasn't correct to just forget about that because the man is dying or because he is not on good terms with Trump.

Some social media users urged others to stop politicizing McCain's condition and Trump's silence.

Still many used the incident to actually agitate people to vote against the Republicans in the upcoming elections.

Trump and McCain have had difficult relations since 2015, when Trump said he doesn't consider the Republican senator a hero, because he was captured. He also failed to mention his name during the announcement of the Defense Authorization Act, which was named after the senator.

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McCain has opposed several of Trump's initiatives and even appointments. He, notably, helped organize opposition against the repeal of Obamacare, urging both parties to vote against Trump's initiative. He also opposed Gina Haspel's nomination as a head of the CIA in 2018. According to media reports, McCain doesn't want Trump to attend his funeral, when he dies.

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