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Venezuela: Another US Drone Strike?

Venezuela: Another US Drone Strike?
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survived an assassination attempt after several explosive-laden drones were shot done right in front of him during a speech on live TV, and he's since taken to accusing the US of masterminding this dramatic attempt on his life.

His nemesis is infamous for killing its enemies with targeted drone strikes in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries, but its speculated involvement in this latest attack would be an unprecedented development. It appears, however, that any US hand in this happening has remained hidden because the country itself denied any role in this event and the so-called "Flannel Soldiers" who carried out last year's helicopter attack in the capital already claimed responsibility.

Even so, Maduro said that the real conspirators are hiding out Miami and neighboring Colombia, the first-mentioned of which hosts a large anti-government diaspora community while the latter just recently elected a right-wing leader who vowed to take a tough stand against Venezuela. Bolivian President Evo Morales tweeted public statements from then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo earlier this week proving that the American spymaster openly bragged about his plans for a so-called "transition" in the Bolivarian Republic, and he also shared reports from last month alleging that Trump was seriously considered invading Venezuela last year. No matter the degree of possible US involvement, however, it's clear that some domestic actors were also involved as well.

The authorities arrested six individuals so far who they claim are connected with this attempted crime, and while details are forthcoming, it's highly likely that they're linked in one way or another with the militant far-right opposition movement that's been provoking Color Revolution chaos over the past couple of years and partaking in sprees of urban terrorism. The failed drone strike against Maduro could also be rightly classified as urban terrorism too, and beyond the implications that it has for the country's ongoing and externally provoked political crisis, it also represents the crossing of a dangerous threshold where publicly available drone technology has been used for the first time to try and kill a head of state.

Andrew Korybko is joined by Eric C. Anderson, an American long-term resident of Manaus, Brazil, located in the state of Amazonas, and Nino Pagliccia, Venezuelan author of "Cuba Solidarity in Canada — Five Decades of People-to-People Foreign Relations" and a retired researcher from the University of British Columbia.

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