Did Google Translate Just Predict 'Doomsday, Jesus' Return'?

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The algorithms that the Google service uses to autonomously develop and learn to translate more accurately sometimes produce unexpected results, giving cryptic messages instead of translations.

Google Translate recently surprised users by issuing cryptic messages in some translations about the apocalypse. Users on Reddit detected that if you type in the word "dog" 23 times, while choosing certain languages, like Hawaiian, the translator's algorithm will warn you that the "Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve" and that "Jesus' return" and the "end of times" are close.

Most of the languages where the hilarious glitch worked have been fixed by now, but Twitter users still managed to get some fun out of it, posting their findings.

But some of them failed to get the "doomsday message."

At the time of publication, the Samoan language was still doing the trick when entering the word "dog" 17 times.

It seems that the algorithm hasn't been fully patched yet, as typing in "dog" 12 times and then adding "do" generates another odd message, suggesting that if you want to be certain of your salvation, you should get a dog:

"Do you have a dog to accept Jesus and be saved?"

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This is not the first time that netizens use Google Translate as a "fortuneteller." Some time ago, another glitch surfaced on the Russian part of the Internet: by typing a random number of the Russian letter "O" and then adding any text, thereafter setting the original language to Mongolian, it would produce various sentences that sounded like it was predicting a person's future.

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