The NHS at 70

The NHS at 70
On today’s episode of "Double Down," Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to Dr. Bob Gill, the filmmaker behind "The Great NHS Heist."

As the National Health Service turns 70, Double Down asks Dr Bob Gill, how she is aging. With its budget as a soft target to ultimately undermine faith in the ‘free at the point of use' health system, the NHS has suffered, not only the effects of austerity, but also the privatization of the most ‘profitable' surgeries and health procedures that US corporations and others are swooping in to deliver. They also discuss the fact that, in the United States, during the debates on the ‘Affordable Care Act,' the UK's NHS was used as an example of something to be feared and rejected as an alternative model to the extremely costly health insurance driven model used in the US. Dr Bob Gill explains the rationale of this anti-NHS propaganda. Tune into Double Down to hear more.

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