Unpublished Book on Islam May Prove German Migrant Policy Wrong - AfD MP

© REUTERS / Michaela RehleMigrants gesture after arriving at the Austrian-German border in Achleiten
Migrants gesture after arriving at the Austrian-German border in Achleiten - Sputnik International
A famous German politician and best-selling author - Thilo Sarrazin - has filed a lawsuit against Random House for declining to release his latest book on Islam, titled 'Hostile Takeover: How Islam Hampers Progress and Threatens Society', despite initially signing an agreement with the author.

Sputnik discussed this with Nicole Hoechst, a Member of Parliament representing AfD Rhineland-Palatinate in the Bundestag.

Sputnik: How would you assess the publisher’s reluctance to release the book? What could prompt a publisher to deny the release of a book, considering that freedom of expression is an integral part of Germany’s constitution?

Nicole Hoechst: We need to know that Random House is owned by Bertelsmann only. Bertelsmann is however the most influential neo-liberal think tanks in Germany, with its head office in Gütersloh and lobby offices both in Berlin and Brussels. It’s affiliated to the bloc party consisting of every party in the parliament but the AfD, and I think, personally, the book might have the potential to prove the German policy of pro-Islamization, totalitarian tolerance and open borders entirely wrong.

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Sputnik: Mr. Sarrazin's books have drawn a great deal of criticism before, what’s your expectations regarding how this new book will be perceived at a time now when the migrant crisis issue is so acute now in Germany?

Nicole Hoechst: It could be a critical book at a very critical time. Sarrazin has always been ahead of his time and has been proven right more than once and people know that in Germany. I think Sarrazin's new book has the potential of toppling down the German government who obviously is already at each other's throats concerning the immigration topic.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, talks with German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, right, during the first day of the budget 2018 debate at the parliament Bundestag at the Reichstag building in Berlin, Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - Sputnik International
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Sputnik: How much has the sentiment of the German population changed since the beginning of the migrant crisis?

Nicole Hoechst: As we listen to German citizens who have always been very open to immigrants and people and cultures from abroad they tend to have had enough now, they fear that they are losing their culture. The inner coherence of our society is at stake, our safety is at stake and our wealth. People are realizing that now, the questioning of the citizens has shown that more than 70% have had enough of immigration of this Islam culture.

Sputnik: How likely is the release of the book to stir the public and prompt a new debate in Germany on the migrant issue? It has been ongoing for a long time and it seems the Angela Merkel is very strong, very robust in terms of her stance, she’s not going to change the policy now, so where is this all headed, what do you think?

Nicole Hoechst: This book is very likely to stir the public into a new debate, his books have repeatedly initiated debates, they were definitely not welcome at that time and they’re not welcome now. Angela Merkel wouldn’t even read his first book, “Germany is Digging its Own Grave,” back then in 2010 before condemning it, and looking at this attitude of hers now I think we could’ve known then, way back in 2010 that her personal denial of facts is her program, we have let it pass then, but as a society and we, the AfD party, cannot let it pass again.

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und Bundesinnenminister Horst Seehofer in Bundsetag - Sputnik International
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Sputnik: Give us your thoughts on what needs to be done in the German government to rectify the situation, you obviously need to have an honest debate with regard to the citizens of Germany moving forward, but what is the potential conclusion, it doesn’t look like anything is going to change, is it?

Nicole Hoechst: I'm hoping for a rockslide now, I’m hoping for a definite rockslide in Germany to bring this monument mountain of Angela Merkel  down. Europe needs borders; it needs active borders so that we can have a future for our kids and grandchildren in relative safety and in relative wealth. We need to send back all those people who have no right to be here, this is very, very important. We let them all stay so far, and we cannot go on like this.

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