British Politicians Stop Bickering, Celebrate NHS 'Lifesaving Work for 70 Years'

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The United Kingdom celebrates the 70th anniversary of its National Health Service and while politicians may have different views on how the NHS should be salvaged from underfunding and staff shortages - they appeared united in demonstration of their appreciation.

Britain marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the National Health Service on Thursday, a moment of pride and concern for a country that has nurtured its growth into the largest publicly funded healthcare service in the world.

In 1948 the largest publicly funded healthcare service in the world was launched by then Health Minister Aneurin. Seventy years later, the NHS is still functioning, despite growing pressure on the system, with medical staff calling for "more staff and more beds."

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Shots have been long fired between the government and the opposition Labour party on how the NHS deficit should be addressed. However, on its anniversary, the officials agreed in paying tribute to national healthcare. 

The Liberal Democrats used the opportunity to remind their constituents of "the risk" posed to the NHS by Brexit.

In 1968, the NHS saw the Abortion Act becomes law, apart from in Northern Ireland. On May 25, 2018 Ireland has voted to overturn the ban on abortion.

NHS supporters and workers rallied the streets of London on June 30, demanding increased funding and staffing and protesting against healthcare privatization. 

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