Sex Shop Representative Enumerates Goods World Cup Fans Buy

Foreign World Cup fans are turning their attention not only to the soccer pitch while in Russia but to the country’s sex shops as well. Sputnik discussed the current hit items with the development director of a chain of adult shops with the suggestive name "Kazanova 69."

Dmitry Schepin, who is in charge of business development in the Moscow and Yekaterinburg shops, likens what their company does with the World Cup at large – "this is all about love, emotions, relationships and drive!"

He said their clients among foreign fans are all different: some jump in just to have a quick look, some laugh it all off, while others slow down and pick something for their personal use to take back to their home country.

He went on to say that tastes naturally differ, as the Peruvians drink energizing Russian coffee instead of consuming their conventional coca leaves; the Japanese, meanwhile, opt for a group visit to the Russian erotic museum to get a flavor of Russian erotic culture.  Guests from Saudi Arabia and Egypt spend hours familiarizing themselves with what is on sale in Russia.

Referring to the items most frequently bought by foreign football fans, Dmitry pointed to a high demand for aphrodisiacs, predominantly those which can be taken unnoticed, for instance by adding them to drinks.

"Indeed, Russian women are exceptionally beautiful, and men need to have a leg-up to secure an advantage when meeting a beauty," he summed up.

On the other hand, the Peruvians and Japanese actively purchase masturbators, which prompts him to conclude that our beauties’ “moral constraints” are in place and in high priority, according to Dmitry. He said that general interest for the Russian fairer sex is more than justified, as it is universally known that all the most beautiful women are here, on Russian soil.

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