Mass Migration, White Supremacy and The Sanctimony of Liberal America

On this week's show Professor Gerald Horne joins John Wight to discuss the immigration scandal engulfing the US at the moment, as they consider what is really behind Trump's zero tolerance policy towards migrants.

Donald Trump is America and America is Donald Trump. His war against black and brown migrants is rooted in the same white supremacy that informed his predecessor Barack Obama's no less inhumane treatment of migrants coming over the Mexican border, fleeing the social and economic dislocation wrought by US economic and foreign policy since time immemorial.

White supremacy has to be understood not only as a racial construct but also an ideological construct. Thus Obama, whether consciously or unconsciously, did, while in office, serve the purposes of white supremacy, rooted in the very foundations of a country that was founded and built upon the genocide and slavery on non-whites, and whose foreign and domestic policy to this day functions along the same white supremacist lines.

On this episode, we are delighted to be privileged, once again, with the wisdom and intellectual heft of US historian and writer Professor Gerald Horne.

What are the root causes of mass migration? And what is driving the Trump administration's brutal dehumanizing treatment of so many desperate and poverty-stricken human beings?

Hard Facts is out every Wednesday. You can listen to the show here.

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