It's Not Middle School, Paul Manafort Sent to Jail, Pending Trial

It's not middle school, Paul Manafort sent to jail, pending trial
On tonight's episode of The Critical Hour with Dr. Wilmer Leon, US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson revoked Paul Manafort's bail, he’s now in jail.

Dr. Bandy Lee — American psychiatrist with Yale University and a specialist in violence prevention programs in prisons and in the community.

Michael McCray, Esq. — author, speaker and public interest advocate. Michael hosts the Whistleblower Summit for Civil & Human Rights


Judge sends Paul Manafort to jail, pending trial
Two weeks after Robert Mueller's prosecutors dropped new accusations of witness tampering on him, US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson Friday revoked Manafort's bail, he's now in jail. The judge emphasized to Manafort how she could not make enough rulings to keep him from speaking improperly with witnesses, after he had used multiple text messaging apps and called a potential witness on an Italian cell phone. "This is not middle school. I can't take his cell phone," she said of Manafort. "I thought about this long and hard, Mr. Manafort. I have no appetite for this."

Later they recount the IG Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector General for the DOJ, Department of Justice released his much anticipated 500 page report; the most comprehensive look back at the investigation into Mrs. Clinton's use of an unclassified private email server. They raise the question: How can Comey remain disconnected from the bias of his underlings? When this evidence seems damning than people want to admit.

Defense Contractors Cashing In On Immigrant Kids' Detention
Separating refugee and immigrant children from their parents isn't just an emotionally wrenching policy. It's an enterprise that is benefitting intelligence and defense contractors.
Those contractors-including one with a history of scandals-have advertised a flurry of jobs in recent weeks to support the infrastructure surrounding undocumented children whom the Trump administration has taken from their families.

Trump's "Beautiful" Employment Numbers Mask an Ugly Reality for US Workers
The Trump Administration and the media were positively giddy at the news: the U.S. had added 223,000 jobs in May, representing a record 92nd consecutive month of jobs growth, and reducing the unemployment rate to 3.8 percent, its lowest level since the height of the dotcom boom in 2000.
"New Milestones in Jobs Report Signals a Bustling Economy," read the New York Times headline trumpeting the data. "Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning," Trump tweeted ahead of the Bureau of Labor Statistics June 1 press release.

The panel then delves deeper into the conversation on suicide. Suicide rates rose sharply across the United States. Suicide rates rose in all but one state between 1999 and 2016, with increases seen across age, gender, race and ethnicity, according to the report. In more than half of all deaths in 27 states, the people had no known mental health condition when they ended their lives.
They explain what this really means.

Good or Bad When Police Keep Count of Racial Profiling?
Two things happened within a couple days of each other that rammed the perennially touch and volatile issue of racial profiling back on the public table. The first was the mistaken arrest of actor Darris Love by the Glendale Police Department. Love was spread eagled, handcuffed on the ground at gunpoint, after a report of a robbery in the area. When the mistake was acknowledged, Love immediately screamed, "racial profiling!"

An American editorial cartoonist has been fired for skewering Trump. He likely won't be the last.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers, the editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for more than 25 years has been fired. Most working cartoonists have had an occasional idea spiked by his or her editor. But in the past few weeks, editorial director Keith Burris and publisher John Robinson Block have refused to publish six of Rogers's cartoons, all criticizing Trump or his policies. Block and Burris have also rejected many of Rogers's rough sketch ideas for several months and now he's done. They discuss what does this really mean?

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