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Bad Bee-Havior: Thieves Nick Huge Haul of Honey and Hives in Swedish Bug Heist

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What’s that buzz? Thieves recently stole 2.1 million bees from bee harvesters in near Eslöv in southern Sweden.

The robbers managed to steal 50 beehavies and over 1,000 liters of honey, the Local Se reported. 

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"I'm angry and sad. The same kind of sadness as when you have to put down your dog," beekeeper Patrick Nilsson told local Swedish newspaper Skånska Dagbladet.

When Nilsson first realized he had been ransacked, he called a fellow beekeeper, who confirmed that he had also been robbed.

"I'll have to start at the beginning," Nilsson told Skånska Dagbladet, mourning his missing beehives.

Apparently, stolen beehives are not a new thing for Swedish beekeepers. According to TT news agency, between 50 and 100 beehives are stolen each year in Skåne.

In March, more than 1 million bees were stolen from an Oxford farm in England.

Bees are much more than merely a money-producing honey factory, however, as they are the crucial resource for plant pollination responsible for feeding most of the planet's populations.

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