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Anti-Russian Sanctions: 'We're the Ones Provoking, Killing our Economy' – NGO VP

© Sputnik / Vladimir Sergeev / Go to the photo bankThe latest EU foreign ministers' meeting earlier this month was aimed at getting the Europeans "off the sanctions hook"
The latest EU foreign ministers' meeting earlier this month was aimed at getting the Europeans off the sanctions hook - Sputnik International
In the French region of Bretagne, many small businesses in the food sector and other industries are paying the ultimate price and are on the verge of bankruptcy because of the European sanctions against Russia, the Vice President of the Franco-Russian Dialogue Association, Bernard Lozé, told Sputnik.

The French President has ruled out the possibility of lifting economic restrictions against Russia, which, according to Lozé, is only going to cause France more self-harm, especially if Paris continues with this policy.

“I am against sanctions. Many of my friends all over Europe are against sanctions. Not only because of business, but also because, as we know, it undermines trust and destroys friendship. If there are political problems, let the politicians decide them, but don't unleash this kind of war. I believe in friendship with the Russians,” Lozé told Sputnik.

He has taken part in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum many times and has been working together with Russia for over for 30 years to strengthen ties between the two countries and to promote the development of the Franco-Russian dialogue.

The Moscow International Business Center, Moscow City. - Sputnik International
'Sanctions Not Absolute Ban on Business': AmCham CEO on Investment in Russia
“There are very close ties between Russia and France, between Russia and Europe, which, despite the sanctions, haven't broken off. Despite the sanctions, treaties and agreements are being signed. Sanctions are costing Europe and France much more than Russia. In Bretagne, many small businesses and industries, especially in the food sector, are on the verge of bankruptcy because they used to sell 40-50-60 percent of their products to Russia, and today they cannot do this anymore. We provoke and kill our own economy,” Lozé stressed.

The vice-president of the association also noted that in Russia, there are a lot of French companies and Europeans who buy parts of businesses in the country.

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According to him, France seeks to have a dialogue with Russia. In addition, there are Frenchmen who “did not forget that during the First World War the Russians paid a very high price, and if it wasn't for Russia fighting against Germany… we would've lost the Battle of the Marne… And during the Second World War, 27 million died (in the Soviet Union).”

The views and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.

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