Ukrainian Woman, Probably Drunk, Taunts, Evades Police

Sloshed and stubborn are a bad combination!

Viral footage has emerged from a May 24 incident in Rzhyschiv, Ukraine, involving a suspected drunk driver not only annoying, but also evading local authorities.

Video recording begins showing the 27-year-old motorist successfully making a turn into a traffic circle while authorities overcorrect and crash into its cemented edge. The woman, after perhaps a few too many rounds at a local bar, is seen driving ‘round and ‘round a roundabout while one officer attempts to subdue.

Workers even move their vehicles to prevent the incessant circling before one officer hops in the wrecked police car and rams into the woman's passenger door. With her way around the roundabout now blocked, the woman finally decides to peel off from the scene.

According to local reports, she was quickly apprehended and taken to a hospital for drug and alcohol testing. Police have yet to release the woman's name or what provoked the taunting chase.

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