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Hide and Peek? PornHub Launches Free VPN Service to Circumvent ISP Bans

PornHub, a major adult website, has launched its own free VPN service to help users around the world evade ISP blockades.

The porn website launched its own VPN with free and unlimited bandwidth on May 24, according to the Verge.

The service, called VPNHub, is an application that can be downloaded from its own website and is available not only for Android and iOS, but also for MacOS and Windows.

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While most obvious application for the service would be visiting PornHub itself, the VPNHub allows full VPN functionality, including secure data transmission without saving or collecting any of that data.

According to PornHub Vice President Corey Price, today's browsers have a built-in "incognito" feature, but it does not provide full privacy, especially if a device is connected via a public Wi-Fi network.

In fact, all incognito mode does is not save browsing history on the local device. All your browsing is still perfectly visible to your employer or ISP. VPNs, however, take care of that.

The service should be available in all countries, but the website notes that countries that do not conduct business with the US might block it. Such countries include Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Other countries the website warned might block the VPN are Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China.

The service is also available in a paid "premium" version at a price of $12.99, for which you can get rid of annoying advertisements and supposedly obtain a faster connection. While premium users can chose which country they want to connect to, free users will have to deal with the nearest server, the website says.

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