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Sick of Germany? Consulting Firm Offers Help Moving to Syria, Namibia

© AP PhotoInternally displaced Eritreans sit outside their makeshift shelters at a camp in Dadu, Eritrea.
Internally displaced Eritreans sit outside their makeshift shelters at a camp in Dadu, Eritrea. - Sputnik International
In the German city of Gera, a student has set the stage for a performance disguised as an office called the "Homeland under Palm Trees," offering consultancy services to those who are not happy with their life in Germany and would like to relocate. Incidentally, the office is right next door to the office of right-wing AfD MP Stephan Brandner.

A scholar from Gera, Fabian Lehmann, told Sputnik about his resettlement agency:

"So far our program includes Syria, Eritrea and Namibia. These destinations are chosen deliberately. There have been many migrants, heading to Europe from Syria and Eritrea specifically. This means that many people are no longer there, so there is plenty of room. Many jobs, for example in the construction industry, have been vacated. We see opportunities and perspectives for Germans who want to build up a new homeland there. As for Namibia, we consider integration there very easy for Germans taking its colonial background into account."

Offering Hand for Potential Migrants From Germany

The "Homeland under Palm Trees" consulting office targets Germans who are dissatisfied with life in their home country and would like to leave it, as the media art student explained. His enterprise offers free consultations, information materials and basically an open ear for potential migrants to Africa and the Middle East. Lehmann claims that the number of so-called "protest voters of the AfD party," which entered the Parliament in third place in the historic 2017 federal elections, is evidence of the high level of dissatisfaction in Germany. According to him, the demand for relocation possibilities has grown accordingly.

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AfD — "Absolutely Amateurish"

The location of "Homeland under Palm Trees," whose first office in Gera has been closed since May 9, was purposefully placed right next to the office of Stephan Brandner, an MP representing the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD).

"The AfD was curious about the neighboring tenants. We talked constructively several times with the neighbors. But of course we in "Homeland under Palm Trees" consider the approaches of the AfD completely amateurish and not solution-oriented. We try to offer a different one," Lehmann said.


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