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Damning Admission: Israel's Ambassador to UK 'Agrees' With Hamas

One would hardly expect a senior Israeli diplomat to go along with what the leaders of an organization which has vowed to destroy the Jewish state say.

An article penned by Israel’s ambassador to Britain that appeared in Sunday’s issue of the Daily Mail, opened with a somewhat eyebrow- raising admission that he agrees with the Hamas leaders.

“I agree with Hamas when its founder Mahmoud Al-Zahar admitted publicly that its strategy of labelling events in Gaza as ‘peaceful protests’ was a deliberate ‘deception’ because there is nothing peaceful about knives, machetes, guns, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails and improvised explosives: all of which the Palestinians used in their ‘peaceful protest,’” Mark Regev wrote.

He also agrees with Hamas’ leader Yahya Sinwar when he said that the purpose of the ongoing violence in Gaza was to breach the frontier and murder Israelis living nearby.

Palestinian Hamas militants attend the funeral of their comrades who were killed in an explosion, in the central Gaza Strip May 6, 2018 - Sputnik International
Israel Threatens to Hit Hamas Leaders if Violent Rallies Do Not Cease
“We will tear down the border” and “tear out their hearts,” Sinwar threatened.

The Israeli envoy believes that the Hamas chief was absolutely right to say that his men had taken off their uniforms to pose as innocent civilians.

“Unfortunately, all too many politicians and commentators in this country were successfully taken in by Hamas’ mendacious charade. Some have accused Israel of a ‘calculated and deliberate policy to kill and maim unarmed protestors,’” Mark Regev continued.

He also cited Hamas politburo member Salah Bardawil, who had acknowledged that 50 of the 62 killed during Monday’s clashes were Hamas operatives.

What Mark Regev can’t agree with Hamas, however, is the organization’s charter, which says that Jews must be slaughtered and the Jewish state wiped off the map.

And also with the prospect of Hamas “breaking down the Gaza border, crossing into Israel and murdering my people.”

“If terrorists tried to storm into the United Kingdom to murder British citizens, you would expect British troops to protect you. My countrymen expect nothing less,” Mark Regev concluded.

A series of violent clashes erupted in the Gaza Strip and along the enclave’s border with Israel on the day the new US embassy opened in Jerusalem.

More than 60 Palestinian protesters were killed and up to 2,700 were injured as Israeli security forces and the military waded in to quell the crowds.
Over 10,000 Palestinians have reportedly taken part in the protests.

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