Only Int'l Boycott Can Stop Israel's Aggressive Actions – Turkish Analyst

© AP Photo / Ariel SchalitIsraeli soldier work on a tank placed near the border with Syria on the Golan Heights (File)
Israeli soldier work on a tank placed near the border with Syria on the Golan Heights (File) - Sputnik International
Commenting on Israel's recent missile strikes on Syria and escalating tensions in the Gaza Strip, Turkish political analyst Yasin Atlioglu told Sputnik that there is no legal justification for Tel Aviv's steps.

Political scientist Yasin Atlioglu pointed out that when Israel launched a missile attack on Syria earlier this month, "the Islamic world did not react to this in any way," something that he said boosted Tel Aviv's drive and led to the current situation on the Israeli-Palestinian border.

"Israel, which is supported by the US, can go further in terms of its expansionist strategy in the region despite the fact that its actions have no legal justification," Atlioglu underscored, warning of possible new casualties among Palestinians in the near future.

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He was echoed by another Turkish political commentator, Ali Ergin Demirhan, who stressed that Washington's decision to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem was "the last nail in the coffin for the two-state solution concept."

"The latest events have finally proved the inconsistency of this project. So now it is necessary to hammer out a new approach to the resolution of the Palestinian issue," Demirhan said, citing the creation of a Palestinian state which he warned may turn into "a quite painful and bloody process."

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According to him, the most effective step to stop Israel's aggressive activity could be an international military, economic and political boycott against Tel Aviv.

"The issue is that even if we use the harshest rhetoric against Israel, its occupational actions and the killing of civilians will not stop while we use Israel's military technologies, comply with the agreements on development of its military-industrial complex, as well as continue clinching mutual arms deals and turn a blind eye to the activities of companies that invest in territories under occupation, which violates a UN resolution. Israel can only be stopped with the help of such a boycott on a state basis," Demirhan emphasized.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. File photo - Sputnik International
Israel Expels Turkish Consul in Jerusalem Amid Erdogan-Netanyahu Rift Over Gaza
Monday saw a ceremony to open the US Embassy in Jerusalem, in an event that was followed by violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. At least 59 Palestinians were killed and more than 2,000 others injured in the clashes.

While Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman blamed the leaders of the Palestinian militant group Hamas for the Gaza violence, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova urged all parties to the conflict to show restraint and avoid escalating things any further. 

She added that Russia's stance on the status of Jerusalem remains unchanged and that Moscow continues to stand for a two-state solution.

The views and opinions expressed by Yasin Atlioglu and Ali Ergin Demirhan are those of the analysts and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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