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Israeli 'Massacre' in Gaza Paid for by the US

Israeli Massacre in Gaza Paid For By the USA
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Daoud Kuttab, an award-winning Palestinian journalist, and Ali Abunimah, the co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of the book The Battle for Justice in Palestine.

Today is Nakba Day, or Yawm an-Nakba, the "Day of Catastrophe," commemorated on May 15, the day after Israel's declaration of independence. The day commemorates the estimated 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled and the hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages that were depopulated or destroyed. These refugees and their descendants now number more than 2 million. At least 60 Palestinians were killed yesterday and thousands wounded in demonstrations in Gaza over Nakba Day. What were the global reactions to this "massacre"?

Tuesday's weekly series "False Profits-A Weekly Look at Wall Street and Corporate Capitalism with Daniel Sankey" continues looking at the top economic issues of the day, today focusing on stock buybacks and the "gig economy". Financial policy analyst Daniel Sankey joins the show.

After the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza yesterday, where over 60 people were killed and over 2,700 wounded, protests erupted worldwide. Brian and John speak with Ariel Gold, a peace activist and a member of Code Pink who organized protests yesterday and today here in Washington, and Bob Schlehuber, the producer of the Sputnik Radio show By Any Means Necessary, who reports on protests from Tel Aviv.

While the US imposes economic sanctions on Iran, the UK and its European partners have prepared a package of initiatives to protect the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or Iran nuclear deal, after the US withdrawal. The British, French, and German Foreign Ministers will meet with their Iranian counterpart to discuss the proposal. It is unclear when such a meeting would take place and what the initiatives include. Massoud Shadjareh, the founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, joins the show.

The US and China are closing in on a deal that would give China's ZTE telecommunications company a reprieve from crippling sanctions in exchange for Beijing removing tariffs from billions of dollars worth of US agricultural goods, especially soybeans. Jude Woodward, the author of the new book "The US vs China: Asia's new Cold War?," joins Brian and John.

The city of Seattle is introducing a new tax on large employers, namely Amazon, Starbucks, and Boeing, that will help fund programs for the homeless and for affordable housing. Amazon's multi-billionaire founder Jeff Bezos is furious, and is threatening to reconsider the company's large footprint in Seattle. Jane Cutter, the editor of, joins the show.

What's the easiest way to get arrested for marijuana possession in New York? According to a New York Times analysis, you just have to be black or Hispanic. In fact, Across the city, African-Americans are arrested at eight times the rate of whites. Hispanics are arrested at five times the rate of whites. In Manhattan, the rates for African-Americans increases to 15 times the arrests for whites. Brian and John speak with Kevin Zeese, the co-coordinator of Popular Resistance, you can check out their work at

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