Free Food for Thin People: Chinese Restaurant's Brilliant PR Move

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To attract more customers, the restaurant's management checks visitors' figure in quite an unusual way and gives them free food and beer if they pass the test.

One of the restaurants in the Chinese city of Jinan offers discounts to visitors if they manage to squeeze through narrow metal bars installed at the entrance, The Daily Mail reported.

The gaps between the bars have different widths, which determine the different discounts that the customer is eligible for.

For example, for someone who can squeeze through the smallest gap of 15 cm, the restaurant gives free meals and beer throughout the evening.

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The next level is 18 cm — a client who makes his or her way through this narrow gap will be given five beers for free.

The third gap of 25 cm offers one beer, while the fourth of 30 cm offers no discount with the message: "Your figure is just average — you shouldn't ask for more."

The last pair of bars, according to the owner, are "exceptionally wide," and there is an inscription for visitors who can't fit between them: "Are you sure you should be drinking beer?"

Zhao Lang, the restaurant's owner, reportedly came up with the idea not only to attract customers, but also to remind them of healthy nutrition.

This move attracted a lot of visitors to the restaurant, lining up in front of the entrance to try their luck and receive free drinks.


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