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Seattle Man Can't Tear Up Anti-Fascism Sign, May Day Revelers Gloat (VIDEO)

© Screenshot/Nate Gowdy / May Day demonstrators gloat while Seattle man struggles to tear up anti-fascism sign
May Day demonstrators gloat while Seattle man struggles to tear up anti-fascism sign - Sputnik International
A Seattle man sporting a shirt from Patriot Prayer, a Trump-loving group that rallies in favor of the president and free speech, became a national sensation after he was filmed hilariously failing at tearing up a anti-fascism sign during May Day events in the city.

The two-minute video shared on YouTube by Nate Gowdy, shows the man identified as Luke James Mahler being mocked by jokesters witnessing his struggle on Tuesday.

​You've worked so hard, you're so close," a woman filming the painful failure is heard saying. "You've been doing a lot of arm work at the gym, right? You know, this is a very educated city, there are a lot of engineers in this city… you can get a lot of help."

With the seconds ticking away, Mahler then hands the sign to another man who also *wait for it* is unable to split the sign in two.

​Before cutting the glorious moment short, the woman later tells Mahler to just remove the trash can's lid so he can toss the sign without having to rip it apart.

"Take the lid off, pry it open," she tells Mahler. " You needed a liberal to help you with that."

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It began to seem as if Mahler's battle with the sign was coming to an end, but that wasn't so.

"You've worked so hard… you can do it… you're so close, try the other one, there's no lid on that [trash can]," the woman says. Defeated and likely fed up with the taunts, Mahler ultimately walks away with the sign.

The filmer later suggested hiding it under his pillow.

Netizens, not too surprisingly, have enjoyed the recording.

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