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WATCH: Strange Black Figure Floats Across Texas Sky

© YouTube/TexasUFOs"Floating Tower" UFO Seen and Filmed Over Houston, TX 4/28/2018
Floating Tower UFO Seen and Filmed Over Houston, TX 4/28/2018 - Sputnik International
A video captured Saturday shows a large black figure floating across the Texas sky over Houston.

The footage was shared on the YouTube Channel TexasUFOs Monday.

​"April 28, 2018, sighting of a large, tall black structure flying across the sky over central Houston has been submitted to Mutual UFO Network [MUFON]. What could this UFO be? Plane or helicopter carrying something, hot air balloon… or a top-secret military craft or even aliens????" the YouTube description states. MUFON is a US nonprofit organization that investigates alleged UFO sightings.

A witness told the Daily Star that the figure "did not float away like a balloon."

"Object was moving north-northwest and was keeping the same elevation and didn't move like balloons," the witness noted. 

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"Much larger, vertical structure like a floating tower with a pointed tip at the top. Don't know what the hell that was. Freaking out a bit," the witness added.

"We see a very large and dark black craft moving across the sky at a steady rate of speed and going in a straight line," the YouTube video's presenter states.

"It looks to be taller than it is wide. For now the question remains, what could this be? Could it be a helicopter, or a plane, or a top secret military craft or spaceship?" the presenter adds.

Several YouTube users commented on the video with their theories on the nature of the object.

"Looks like a weather balloon… they are long, skinny… clearly moving with air currents. Might be coming down," one user wrote.

"Possibly an alien craft," another user commented.

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