Camels Escape Circus in Germany to Hang Out at McDonalds

Two camels escaped from their circus enclosure in Bremen, Germany, to celebrate Easter Monday at a nearby McDonalds, German media reported.

Deutsche Welle reported on Monday that a Bremen circus camel named "Ivan the Great" together with his smaller companion had celebrated Ostermontag — the Easter Monday, an annual public holiday in Germany that follows Easter Sunday, which commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection — at a fast food restaurant.

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The pair had successfully slipped out of their enclosure in the northwestern German city of Bremen and was soon spotted close to a nearby McDonald's restaurant where the camels strolled without any hindrance. But the two vegetarians ignored the fast food chain's menu and opted for a healthy picnic, chewing on the grass outside the popular outlet.

The camels had freely enjoyed their meals for about half an hour before local police arrived at the scene and helped safely walk the animals back to their enclosure.

It appears that camels across the globe suffer for open air and McDonalds.

​Earlier on February a camel escaped a circus in Limerick, Ireland, and casually wandered around a local car park after visiting McDonalds.     

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