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Human-Like Technology: WATCH Japanese Cyborg Copy Hand Gestures

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MELTANT-α is a Japanese robot which has human-like technology inspired by living organisms, allowing it to mimic human body movements in real time.

The cyborg has a wire-driven tele-operated humanoid torso and ultra-accurate dexterity.

The company’s official MELTANT-α website claims that the device is a “cyborg that transcends boundaries.”

The robot, a concept model developed by Japanese tech firm Meltin, aims to recreate as accurately as possible the movement of the human hand, but with added flexibility, power and precision.

Meltin claims that the device copies the movement of a human hand with a response of 0.02 seconds.

According to the company website, the cyborg has the only robotic hand that has been able to "replicate the speed of movement of the human hand in the real world.”

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The technology gives a unique strength to the robot, allowing it to shake a 500 ml bottle containing delicate liquids.

Its unique control algorithms allow MELTANT-α to perform subtle and gentle movement too, such as holding an egg without breaking it, and picking a flower petal.

Furthermore, the robot can be operated remotely. By optimizing algorithms for information transmission, it was made to move a robot hand in an Abu Dhabi-based avatar from Boston, while routing data through servers in Japan.

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